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BABY STEP 4: Gut & MicrobiomeA Healthy Second Brain

Video Length: 08:12

Okay, so I’m really not the fermented-drink-master at my house {I tend to stick with green things and chocolate, buttery coffee stuff}—so my husband took this over. He’s so good at it that it’s practically his therapy, and most definitely his new hobby!

I’ve included a few of my favorite lacto-fermented recipes (from me, him and my sisters)—ones that’ll make you swoon! No kidding!

There’s definitely an art to it, but once you master being a “Lacto-Fermenter Ninja” your life will change in ways you never thought were possible.

Pretty soon you’ll be lifting a glass of kombucha instead of wine, and a pint of homemade ginger ale {poured over ice} rather than ale—ey mate, bottoms up!

Here’s to a kinder way to heal your gut and recolonize your microbiome with healthy homemade probiotics!